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KLW2PhotoColorI love creating my own worlds in short stories, novellas, and novel-length works of fantasy and science fiction. As a child I wrote because it took me away to places and times not my own, without thought of a future career. After a long detour called life – serving in the military, raising four children, studying computer programming and accounting – I returned to my first love of writing. I’m currently working on the dark fantasy trilogy The Last Bonekeeper, as well as a short story collection in the same universe. In a departure from the speculative fiction genre, I took on the pen name of Cate Macabe and authored This New Mountain (Casa de Snapdragon Publishing, 2012), the memoir of private investigator AJ Jackson.

8 comments on “About KL Wagoner
  1. Hello KL – I just wanted to thank you for liking my post, My Mother, the Nun. Right after you hit that button, I received another little orange notification telling me that I just received my official 500th like (accumulated likes) on my posts. That was you! Kind of a little thrill on a quiet Sunday. Cheers!

  2. Hi KL, I nominated you for the 777 challenge if you are inclined. No pressure, but I’d love a snippet of what you’re working on. Here’s the link: http://mythsofthemirror.com/2015/07/17/the-777-writers-challenge/

  3. So glad to have found your blog through Myths of the Mirror! I’m looking forward to reading about more of your writing experiences!

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