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What Beginning Writers Misunderstand about Storytelling

Between this blog and the website for SouthWest Writers, I’ve conducted over a hundred interviews in the last few years. The answers I enjoy most involve the writing process, how authors deal with world building and series writing, and what

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Indistinguishable Magic

Any story that is told with proper artistry and depth should be indistinguishable from magic. ~ David Farland

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Surrendering to the Magic

I’ve found that the magic of storytelling is in surrendering, not to anyone else’s notions, but to the words in my head. I believe this: my subconscious knows better than I how to tell a story… Sometimes the best writing

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A Story Plot is a Net

To be stories at all they must be a series of events: but it must be understood that this series – the plot, as we call it – is only really a net whereby to catch something else. ~ C.S.

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Timeless Characters, Timeless Advice

In any kind of writing, knowing what to omit is as important as knowing what to include.

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Dip Up the Fire and Put It On Paper

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Puppet Strings: Mercy Killing & Murder on “The 100″

In The CW’s new series “The 100,” a group of juvenile prisoners are secretly exiled from a dying Ark – 12 linked space stations housing the survivors of nuclear holocaust – and onto Earth’s surface to test if our planet

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One Thing All Societies Share

Storytelling is the great common denominator.

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All who wander are not lost.~ JRR Tolkien

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