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The Why of Writing

Let the reason you write—your why—become your motivation. Your why is the best boss you could ever ask for. It has only one requirement: You must show up, even if you don’t feel qualified yet. ~ Jerry Jenkins

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Writing Is: A Never-Ending Battle

That’s what writing is to me: a never-ending battle of brain-melting masochism. It’s a skill you never truly master, which is endlessly appealing…writing offers a bottomless pit of improvement. ~ Zachry Wheeler

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Inspiring Dreams

Never forget that embracing your own fulfillment inspires others to do the same. Living your dream gives others the courage to try. ~ Susan Kaye Quinn

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Are You a Guardian of the Dream?

Novelists think differently from other writers. We set out to create and sustain a fictitious dream for our reader… As a novelist, you are guardian of the dream. ~ Jerry Jenkins

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All who wander are not lost.~ JRR Tolkien

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