Taking on the 777 Writing Challenge

SkeletonsPartsOnTheFloorI first noticed the 777 Challenge several months ago on Joyce Hertzoff’s Facebook page. It seemed a great way to share a bit of a writer’s work-in-progress. I’d been wondering how one gets picked for such a nifty challenge—and considered starting one of my own—when my turn came around…

D. Wallace Peach tagged me last week to join in the fun. She’s the author of five fantasy novels, and she blogs at Myths of the Mirror where she encourages writers of all genres. Her newest book, The Sorcerer’s Garden, is scheduled for release on August 20.

To participate in the 777 Writing Challenge, writers go to page 7 of their work-in-progress, count down 7 lines, and then share the next 7 sentences in a blog post. Finally, participants tag 7 other writers to share excerpts from their own WIPs.

For my contribution, I’m sharing seven lines from the forever-draft of my current dark fantasy novel The Last Bonekeeper written from the point of view of the novel’s main character (who isn’t named in this excerpt). We drop into the scene with the bonekeeper’s men refilling a grave after harvesting the bones, and anticipating an encounter with a pack of devil dogs:

“Luck ’o the bones, luck ’o the bones,” Crust prayed over and over, faster and faster, as he bent to fill the grave.

There were enough of them now to finish the task, if time was on their side and the dawn rose quick. Enough of them to stave off an attack, if most of the devil dogs kept busy with the remains of their prey. If luck held out. Always too many ifs.

“They’re coming.” Dred stepped away from the hole, his pike spinning faster.

I’d like to pass the challenge to the following writers. Participate if you can, but no worries if you can’t.

Allison D. Reid at The Weaving Word
Renee Scattergood at Renee Writes
Louise Findlay at Louise Findlay Books
L. Palmer at The L. Palmer Chronicles
KJ Hawkins
Nichole Giles
Melissa Barker-Simpson

I look forward to reading your excerpts!

Readers, if you’ve already participated in the 777 Writing Challenge, please leave a link to that blog post in the comments, or if you just want to share, post seven lines from a work-in-progress and a link to your website.

Image “Skeleton Parts On The Floor” courtesy of David Castillo Dominici at FreeDigitalPhotos.net.

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2 comments on “Taking on the 777 Writing Challenge
  1. What a great snippet! Thanks for taking up the challenge.

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