Seek, Study, Practice to Tell Your Stories


As we continue to strive, we seek those stories that we simply have to tell; and we study, so that we have the knowledge we need to tell them. Then we practice, so that we can tell them the best way we know how. ~ Cynthia Granville

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5 comments on “Seek, Study, Practice to Tell Your Stories
  1. That is exactly what we do, isn’t it? Excellent quote. :-)

    • KL Wagoner says:

      Yes, but I need to spend more time studying good writers and how they do things so my own writing will be the best it can be.

      • I agree. I really like paperback books because I can underline, highlight, and take notes!

      • KL Wagoner says:

        I can’t bring myself to write in my books unless they’re workbooks (just thinking about it brings to mind evil Mrs. Wolf, and her paddle, from 4th grade…). I could do it, but I’d have to buy two copies, one for my bookshelf and one for notes. There goes my budget.

      • I know. It does feel sacriligious to write in books. I justify it as an acknowledgment of the writer’s mastery. I only do it when I’m in awe. :-)

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