A Must-have Resource for Writing Character Emotions

For the last month, I’ve been part of a Street Team for Angela and Becca at Writers Helping Writers who will launch a new writing book on February 19th. Because they’re known for showing, not telling, they decided it would be fun to keep the topic of the thesaurus a secret until the book cover reveal…WHICH IS TODAY!

I own every thesaurus Angela and Becca have published, so it’s been hard to keep quiet about this. I’m excited to finally announce that The Emotion Thesaurus Second Edition is coming.

Many of you know (and possibly use) the original Emotion Thesaurus. It released in 2012 and became a go-to resource with its lists of body language, thoughts, and visceral sensations for 75 emotions, making the difficult task of showing character emotion on the page much easier.

Over the years writers have asked Angela and Becca to add more emotions, so the two decided to create a second edition. It contains 55 NEW entries, bringing the total to 130 emotions. In addition, the instructive portion and existing entries have been revamped and expanded.

With the new content, this book is almost DOUBLE THE SIZE of the first one. I love the original Emotion Thesaurus (and all of Angela and Becca’s resources for writers), so I recommend checking out the new book.

Preorder Alert!

This book is available for preorder starting today. You’ll find all the details about the book’s contents by visiting Amazon, Kobo, Apple Books (iTunes), and Indiebound, or by going to Writers Helping Writers. You can also view the full list of emotions included in the new thesaurus.

One last thing…

Angela & Becca have a special gift for writers HERE. If you like free education, stop by and check it out. (It’s only available for a limited time!)

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7 comments on “A Must-have Resource for Writing Character Emotions
  1. Amanda Cade says:

    I just ordered mine!

  2. I have the first edition and use it quite a bit while editing. It’s great for thought-starters. :-)

    • KL Wagoner says:

      The Emotion Thesaurus is the one I use the most. It really helps with showing a character’s emotions. I love all of Angela and Becca’s thesauri and the fact they’re indie published (plus I’m a sucker for a series).

  3. angelaackerman1 says:

    Thank you so much for sharing the news about this new book! Becca and I are so excited to come back to the book that started it all, and can’t wait to see what people think of it. :)

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